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Wild Turkey Zone -- Wild Turkey and Turkey Hunting News

Wild Turkey & Turkey Hunting News
from Around the U.S.

Is the turkey hunt going to the dogs? - 12/16
Green Bay Gazette, Green Bay, WI

Turkey hunting with dogs is a traditional method of bagging the Thanksgiving bird, one that dates to the days of the pioneers. That’s just one of the many reasons Jon Freis of Oneida hopes a proposal to allow hunters to use dogs ...

Wild turkeys make a successful come-back in Connecticut - 12/16
Valley News - Bristol, CT

... The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection reports that wild turkeys were abundant in Connecticut when the first settlers arrived but forest ...

Twilight turkey hunt relieves seasonal stress - 12/12
Roanoke Times - Roanoke, VA

... Peaking out I spotted them about 75 yards away. If the birds headed for me it would be as close to a slam dunk as you get in turkey hunting. ...

More elk mean more hunting permits - 12/12
Lexington Herald Leader - Lexington, KY

... Beginning in 2006, wild turkey hunters will get a longer season with four weekends to hunt bearded turkeys during the spring season. ...

Don't let a little -- or a lot -- of rain spoil rare fall turkey - 12/9 - Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS

... As exciting and entertaining as this was to me, a relative novice at fall turkey hunting, it was becoming disturbing to McGee, who has chased the birds in the ...

Fall turkeys: state not ready, nor are hunters - 12/9
Jackson Clarion Ledger - Jackson, MS

Taking a fresh wild turkey for a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner is likely to remain an impossibility for most Mississippians. ...

Habitat set aside to preserve grasslands for wild turkeys - 12/9
Pioneer Press Online - Glenview, IL

Native grasslands in Illinois are disappearing, and the Illinois State Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation is working with state, federal and ...

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