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Wild Turkey Zone -- Wild Turkey and Turkey Hunting News

Wild Turkey & Turkey Hunting News
from Around the U.S.

Talking turkey: Wild Turkey Tips - 12/8
Hanover Mariner - Marshfield, MA

TURKEYS IN YARDS -When turkeys show up in yards in suburbia, it is almost always because the homeowners have bird feeders in their yard, and seed that has ...

Turkey provides chance for a history lesson - 12/8
Hanover Mariner - Marshfield, MA

... At first, our solitary Jake (older turkeys get the name Tom and the younger guys are called Jakes) was terrified of us. ... Turkeys are very animated birds. ...


Swimming gobbler surely a Kodak moment - 12/7
Roanoke Times - Roanoke, VA

... retirees who fish together every chance they get, Lee and Payne were still contemplating the sight when they spotted another swimming turkey, this one a gobbler ...

Louisiana Turkey season dates set - 12/3
KLFY - Lafayette, LA

... is March 27th. It's the fourth year for all three of the state's turkey hunting areas to open on the same day. Area A, which takes ...

Wisconsin Spring Turkey Application Deadline is December 10 - 12/3
Wisconsin Ag Connection - Marshfield, WI

Turkey hunters have until December 10 to apply for a permit for the 2005 Wisconsin spring turkey hunting season. Preliminary permit ...

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