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Wild Turkey Hunting Shotgun Shells for Turkey Hunting --

What's New in Shotgun Shells for Turkey Hunting

-- by Rob Ramsdale --

The increasing popularity of turkey hunting has given rise to a vast improvement in the variety of shotgun shells available. Most veteran turkey hunters probably started out using simple 2 3/4" high-brass shells; most likely in 6 shot. These were the same shells they used for pheasant, ducks, squirrels or other game animals. There were several different major manufacturers of shells but still there was probably only a handful of choices for turkey loads.

Nowadays, there are literally hundreds of different variations for a turkey hunter to consider. Not only are there 3 choices of shell lengths - 2 2/4" , 3", and 3 1/2" - for many turkey guns. There are also the new "heavier than lead" shotshells as well

as the standard lead shells to choose from. Some of the new non-toxic loads developed for waterfowling are also being adapted for turkey hunting as well. Turkey hunting is the fastest growing hunting sport in the country and the shotgun shell industry has exploded with new companies and ideas. All of this new technology gives you even more choices as you head out into the woods this spring.

Here are links to most of the major shotshell companies --



Shotgun Shell Manufacturers
Aguila Ammunition - Mexico Hevishot - U.S.
Bismuth Cartridge Company - U.S. Kent Cartridge - U.S.
Estate Cartridge - U.S. Nitro Ammo - U.S.
Federal - U.S. Remington - U.S.
Fiocchi - Italy Sellier & Bellot - CZ
Gamebore Cartridge Company, Ltd. - UK Winchester - U.S.



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