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Turkey Hunting Tips and Tactics
Hunting Safety Safety tips to keep in mind when you're out turkey hunting.
Location, Location.... Use scouting techniques to learn the best locations for calling in a gobbler.
Make Every Shot Count Covers everything from picking your aiming points (for both shotgun hunters and bow hunters) plus patterning and range estimation tips and tricks.
The Perfect Setup Learn how to get set up when you're hunting gobblers.
Fall Turkey Hunting Complete rundown of all the tips and techniques used in fall turkey hunting.
Rainy Day Gobblers - 3/28/06 Tips for hunting turkeys in rainy weather.
Hunting the Seasons of Spring - 3/29/06 Tips for hunting turkeys in the different phases of the spring breeding season.
Turkey Hunting Gear
Turkey Call Maintenance How to maintain your turkey calls and keep them sounding their best.
Packing It In What items to carry in your turkey vest or backpack.
Wild Turkey Information
2004 Wild Turkey Populations

A state-by-state breakdown of the wild turkey population. - (Added 6/14/04.)

Aging Gobblers How to determine the age of a gobbler.

History of the First Thanksgiving

History of the Thanksgiving Holiday

The Wild Turkey & Thanksgiving

Authentic Thanksgiving Menu

Quartet of articles on the Thanksgiving holiday and the role of the wild turkey.
After The Hunt
Cleaning a Turkey How to field dress and clean your turkey after the hunt is over.
Making a Fan Mount Learn how to do your own taxidermy by making a fan mount.
Making a Cape Mount Learn how to do your own taxidermy by making a cape mount.
Preserving a Turkey Beard Learn how to preserve and display your turkey beard.
Make a Spur Necklace How to make a necklace to showcase your trophy spurs.


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