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Wild Turkey Hunting Articles --TR Michels


Here are some articles by noted author and big-game expert, T R Michels.

  1. Introduction to the Wild Turkey
  2. Turkey Calling
  3. Turkey Biology & Behavior
  4. Spring Turkey Hunting
  5. Pre-Season Scouting
  6. Turkey Communication
  7. Turkey Breeding Season Phases
  8. Reaction to Meteorological Conditions
  9. Turkey Biology and Behavior: Social Structure and Behavior
  10. Winter Turkey Scouting
  11. Spring Turkey Calling; Family Relationship and Social Status
  12. Let's Talk Turkey - 2/2004
  13. Fall Turkey Hunting - 10/2004
  14. Pre-Season Turkey Scouting - Feb. 2005
  15. Understanding the Turkey Rut - Mar. 2005
  16. Hunting Merriam's Turkeys on the Nebraska Plains - April 2005
  17. Spring Turkey Activity - May 2005
  18. Decoying Spring Turkeys - March 2006
  19. Fall Turkey Calling Techniques - Oct 2006

T. R. Michels is a nationally recognized wildlife researcher, outdoor writer and speaker. He is the author of the Whitetail, Elk, Turkey and Goose Addict's Manuals, and the Deer Addict's Manuals. He is also the innovator of the Moon Indicator, which predicts peak monthly movement of deer and elk, based on the forces of the moon; the Daily Deer Movement Indicator, which helps hunters decide when and where to hunt, based on current meteorological conditions; the Rut Indicator, which predicts peak rut activity, based on the forces of the moon; and the Rut Phase Indicator, which helps hunters determine the stage of the rut, and when and where to hunt, by the current deer activity and sign.

T.R.'s latest books, available for 2005, are the revised editions of the Deer Addict's Manual, Turkey Addict's Manual, the Duck & Goose Addict's Manual and the Elk Addict's Manual.

For a catalog of books and other hunting aids contact:

T.R. Michels, Trinity Mountain Outdoors, PO Box 284, Wanamingo, MN 55983.

Phone: 507-824-3296
E-mail: trmichels@yahoo.com
Website: www.TRMichels.com


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