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Wild Turkey Hunting Tips & Info --
Spring Scouting Tips

Scouting, in my opinion, is the number one factor for success in turkey hunting. Scout and study the habits of the wild turkey as much as possible. If you know where a gobbler roosts, where he struts and his favorite places to feed, calling him in can be very easy. Just remember it is always easier to call a turkey to a spot he already wants to go.

Turkeys spread out into different areas in the spring. Don't expect the place you saw a huge flock of wintering birds to have those same birds in the spring. It's best to get out and scout the last few weeks before the season starts to see where the birds have moved. Some areas only hold birds in the spring while others may only hold them in the winter.

Think like a hen. Instead of looking for gobblers when you are out scouting, find an area that has lots of hens and the gobblers won't be far away. Look for areas that have good nesting habitat nearby and you'll usually find hens and the gobblers also.

Turkey tracks over 4 1/2" long are gobbler tracks. Hen usually have tracks that are 3 1/2" long or less.

The size and shape of the droppings are also useful in distinguishing hens and gobblers. Hen droppings are looped, spiraled or bulbous with a main stem diameter of 5/16" or less. Jake droppings are larger with a diameter of around 3/8" and adult gobblers average about 1/2". Male droppings are relatively straight or J-shaped.


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