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Wild Turkey Hunting Tips & Info

Turkey Hunting Tips From Our Forum Members


Turkey Hunting Tips from
the Members of the WTZ Discussion Forum
Forum Member Tip
Don't be afraid to be different. Give the turkeys a different sound. A plastic grocery bag makes an excellent call. You can use it to sound like turkeys walking or scratching in the leaves. On windy days you can add leaves to the bag to increase the volume. This requires less movement than actually scratching in the leaves, plus it is always within reach unlike real leaves.
I always carry a plastic Ziplock with me (quart size) with a few rubber bands in it and a pen. The pen is used to fill out the tag and the bag and bands are put over the head to keep the blood off of me and the back of my legs when carrying out my bird.
I keep a set of calls (glass, slate, box and mouth), a change of camo, shells and a backup gun (behind the seat). Everything fits in a small tool box (except the gun) and comes in handy if I forget anything or one of my hunting partners forgets. Also comes in handy for rainy days. It only takes driving an hour once and realizing you've forgot something to learn to always be prepared.
My tip is to hide in the back pocket of the Grizzman or Ole 6. Tag along with them, and you'll kill some boids!!! Another is to glue the terminal cap of a 6 volt battery up in the nipple on the back of your deke. Then it will dance in the slightest breeze, and look much more realistic than a deke that stands statue still. Finally, don't be afraid to go for it. Call to the boids, go to the boids aggressively, try different things. Looking back, I have spent many a morn being afraid to go for it, and coming home empty handed as a result. Looking at it that way, what have you got to lose? Go for it!! Oh yeah, and don't forget to be patient while you are going for it!!
The one-word tip already given – patience – may be the single best technique/word of advice. After that I believe in: scouting to improve your odds; a good physical setup blending yourself into nature as good as possible; the use of several different calls (mouth, slate, box, etc.) to determine what the Tom wants most; a comfortable seat and a rest against an appropriate tree; know the pattern and limits of your gun; and remember to have fun and enjoy what you experience.
I know most everyone knows this but, never, never shoot at a strutting bird. I had first hand experience with this 2 years ago . It did not end up as planned. I have a few strands of his beard pinned to my wall to remind me. Don't let that adrenaline get to you. Be calm.
Keep a close eye on the tree tops as you move into the woods in the early morning darkness. Look for that familiar silhouette. There is nothing more embarrassing than setting up your dekes and settling into position, only to have a tom gobble from 20 feet straight above you, then fly off the other way. Obviously I have learned from my mistakes!
It has been said before by many much better than me......but don't call too much. If he answers, he knows where you are. Use your calls to keep him excited, not to make him gobble just so you can hear him. Too much stimulation and he may lock up.....expecting the overly vocal hen to come to him. Hunt real turkeys, not the kind we all watch on video and TV.
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