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Wild Turkey Hunting Tips & Info -- Mississippi State Hunting Information


State Mississippi
Web Site Mississippi Dept of Wildlife Fisheries & Parks
Population & Subspecies 294,000 -- Eastern
Turkey Harvest 35-40,000 - Spring 2003 ---- N/A - Fall 2003
Spring Season Info

2006 Season Dates: March 15-May 1

Youth Turkey Weekend (private lands only): March 8-14, 2006.

Bag Limit: One adult gobbler or one gobbler with a 6-inch or longer beard per day, three per spring season.

Exception: For hunters 15 years of age and younger: One of the 3-bird bag limit (which includes youth hunt and regular spring season combined) may be any gobbler regardless of beard length.

Legal Hours: 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1/2 hour after sunset

Areas Closed for Spring Turkey Season
Open In all counties except the following closed counties or parts thereof:

Humphreys - East of Hwy. 7 and north of Hwy. 12
Issaquena - North and west of Willett Rd.and south and east of Hwy. 1
Leflore - West of Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 49E and north of Moorehead Road and south of Hwy. 442
Leflore - East of Hwy. 7 and south of Silent Shade Road and west of the Yazoo River
Sunflower - South of Hwy. 442 and east of Hwy. 3 and Hwy. 49W and north of Berclair Road

Fall Season Info

Fall 2005 -

Fall Turkey: Oct. 30-Nov. 12 and Dec. 2-15, two turkeys, which may be of either sex, per each fall season

Note: Fall season is open in part of Bolivar, Coahoma, Desoto, Issaquena, Tunica, Washington, and Warren counties.


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