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Name: Jordan Schuler
Location: Marion County, Iowa
Time: April 15, 2006 4:45 pm
Subspecies: Eastern
Weight: 24.5 lb.
Beards: 10.5"
Spurs 1.25" & 1.25"
Distance: 25 yd.
Decoys: None
Calls Used: None


Tale of the Hunt

My bird (on the left) was one that we spotted about 200 yards deep back in the corner of a corn field. He was about 30 yards from a fenceline that led to another field. This fenceline had about a 5 1/2 foot levy. We got out of the truck and snuck all the way down to the corner of the field behind the levy. Once we got to the corner I crawled up the levy and popped my head over the top. There he was with a head that was white as snow. I pulled up, shot, and down he went.

The second bird (on the right) was a gobbler we sighted strutting down in a field by a creek bottom. We snuck down the creek and watched him for an hour while he showed his stuff to the five hens he was with. He was making his way to the edge because it was about fly up time. Steve gave a little cluck with his mouth call and the gobbler brought his head up just enough to put him down for the count.

Great spring turkey hunt!!




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