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Name: Glenn White & Paul Rogers
Time: March 17, 2006 9:30

Alabama, Calhoun County

Type: Eastern
Weight: 18 lb 13 oz
Beards: 9.75" & 9.125"
Spurs 7/8" & 7/8"
Shot Distance: 25 yd.
Turkey Calls Used Custom Glass Pot Call
Decoy:: no

Tale of the Hunt
by Paul Rogers

This was the third day of Glenn's Alabama turkey hunt. He drove all the way from Philadelphia and we had yet to get him within a hundred yards. The morning set up was terrible. We had one solo bird drift by us at 150 yards and didn't hear one gobble. Around 8:30 am we decided to try another area that I had seen a lot of turkeys in during deer season.

We walked a long ridge and set up just above a large flood plain at the end of the ridge. Glenn was about 10 yards ahead of me and slightly to my left looking toward the creek. I hit my custom glass call a few times but nothing. After several more calls and twenty minutes I heard leaves rustling just over the edge of the ridge. Before I knew it a nice tom dragging two hens behind him was 20 yards in front of Glenn. I made a couple of soft calls and the bird drifted to Glenn's right, just right for a lefty. I saw the barrel of Glenn's gun take aim and he finished the job he drove so far to do.

Glenn was off like a shot to recover the bird. The fat beard I had seen was actually two, the smallest was 9 1/8 and the largest 9 3/4. Not a bad bird for Glenn's first turkey ever.





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