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Turkey Calls -- Price Guide to Collectable Turkey Calls

Turkey Call Price Guide

Turkey Calls Listed Alphabetically
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Turkey Calls Listed Alphabetically
Prices Shown are Ebay auction prices
Call Description
Shade Mountain Calls - Ernie Fetters - Lewiston, PA
Custom Longbox "Chasing Dreams" #1 of 1 in custom display box. Black Walnut box with cedar handle.
12/05 161.00
Shively, Richard - Shively Super Yelpers -

Set of 3 custom Super Yelpers -

  1. 1998 #24/25 NWTF 25th Anniversary cedar, walnut and 20yr. old Pennsylvania apple wood, Cedar storage box with Dave Greer artwork
  2. 1999 #24/30 Super Yelper Turkey Calls 20th. anniversary, walnut, cedar, and 20yr. old Pennsylvania apple wood, Walnut storage box with Dave Greer artwork
  3. 2000 #24/30 Virginia Wild Turkey Federation, cherry, walnut and 20 yr. old Pennsylvania apple wood, Cherry storage box with Dave Greer artwork
1/06 551.00
Snyder, David - Fayetteville, PA
Blue Mountain Turkey Call w/Box & Instructions - Hand Built By David Snider Fayetteville PA. - comes complete w/instructions box and call is 6.5 inches long original price of 2.00 written on box.
1/06 128.00
Stowe, Roy
Single-sided Walnut Box Call - SIGNED
12/05 101.00
Toothaker, Greg -- artwork by Marilyn Gilbert
Ltd Edition "Snake Eyes" Beer Belly Box Call - artwork by Gilbert - Has rattlesnake rattle carved into handle of call.
1/06 202.50
Tucker, Gary - Tuck's Turkey Calls - Oklahoma
Spalted Curly Maple Slate Call -
1/06 133.00
Turpin, Inman
Turned, Purpleheart Yelper - VG condition
12/05 1,038.00
Turpin, Tom
Old Turpin Yelper sold by J L Melanchon. Melanchon bought the Turpin call business in 1956. This call came with papers signed by Melanchon
12/05 1,225.00
Twidwell, Dorsey - Austin, TX
Scratch Box marked Dorsey Twidwell & Sons - VG used, in box.
1/06 115.00


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