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Wild Turkey -- Book Review - Compositions of a Sickness - Donald Jarrett

Compositions of a Sickness
Author -- Donald Devereaux Jarrett
Reviewed on Aug. 28, 2002

If you like well-detailed stories about turkey hunting, I know you'll enjoy this book. This is not a "how-to" book but rather a journal or compilation of short stories of turkey hunting experiences. They are presented in chronological order from the author's first turkey hunt and what really stands out is his growth and attachment to the sport of turkey hunting as the seasons go by. If you are a turkey hunter, you should really relate to his growing compulsion and outright obsession to the grand sport of turkey hunting. He mentions Gene Nunnery in the book and if I had to pick one of the classic books on turkey hunting to compare this book's style to, "The Old Pro Turkey Hunter" by Nunnery would be a fitting choice.

He begins the book by sharing his experiences as a rookie, hunting from a rustic cabin in the North Georgia mountains. What follows are the eventual trips to other locations -- Texas, South Dakota, Nebraska and Florida. His perspective changes some as he switches to being a guide in the great turkey state of South Dakota. He discusses many tricks of the trade plus some humorous stories about clients and the career of guiding.


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